About Me

I am a writer and recent college graduate obsessed with storytelling and how we communicate with each other. I see narratives and narrative potential in everything from advertisements to photojournalism, and the drive both to understand those narratives and to craft better ones defines my life.

In June 2021, I will graduate with a degree in Writing and Literature from the College of Creative Studies (CCS) at the University of California Santa Barbara, a program geared towards passionate, self-motivated students who are given the reigns of their own education and work beside their professors as junior-colleagues. Not only did I conduct my own independent research funded by CCS during my undergraduate career into viral horror fiction in the age of the internet, but I also served on the editorial board of its literary journal, Spectrum, for three years including one year as managing editor and one year as Editor-In-Chief.

I wrangled Spectrum’s submissions process into order as managing editor and established a standard in email etiquette and organization for the next person to take the position, interfaced with hundreds of authors and helped establish a formal style guide for the journal, and then as editor-in-chief, I wrote grants for funding and found a printer for the journal.

Outside of my academic work, I have published two works of creative writing: one short story which won a small award within CCS, and a nonfiction essay reflecting on my time in Great Basin National Park, and written numerous press releases and two interviews with alumni in my current position as a Communications Assistant with Gevirtz Graduate School.

I have been called organized and detail-oriented, and I do not miss deadlines. My focus is always on delivering the highest possible quality of work and learning all that I can in the process. My faculty mentor once said that I go, “Consistently above and beyond,” on my projects.

I’ve worked with literature, journalism, communications, and academic research. My work has been featured in The Weird Reader and Prairie Margins, and I received a CREATE Grant in 2019 to fund my independent research. I was Editor-in-Chief for volume 63 of Spectrum, the longest-running journal in the UC System, in 2019 and 2020.


“It’s Only a Tree Branch” in The Weird Reader

“A Mountain of Old Things” in Prairie Margins

“Trash, Walls, and Trees” in Age of Awareness