Creepypasta Research: Create Fellowship

In the summer of 2019 I was lucky enough to receive a fellowship to study Creepypasta and how short stories more virally online. Below is the research poster that the project eventually generated. There is also a paper on the subject in my portfolio.

Death’s Weaver

This project goes here because the project is technically for credit, but I was writing Death’s Weaver and working with world-building before coming to University.

Death’s Weaver is a fantasy novel about Katyan, the fourth child of the high priest of Guernan. The story follows her on her journey to be a great weaver and artist, her friendships and loves, and eventually her death in despair. A draft of the first chapter is available for reading on my creative portfolio.

Notes from the Deathworld Earth

Notes from the Deathworld Earth is a Science Fiction Serialized Novel published on WordPress, Tumblr, and AO3 under a pseudonym. At the time of writing, it has just under 1000 readers across all platforms

The collected narratives and notations of Dron Acharya, Planet Surveyor, explorer, and essayist, from their time on the Human homeworld, Earth. This volume also includes a collection of stories and first-person accounts of people close to humans during their integration into the galactic union.

This volume is property of the Galactic Library and cannot be copied, transcribed, or otherwise reproduced without the written consent of the librarian on duty who will, of course, be happy to give it.

-Notes from Deathworld Earth